Long night of diving

Once a year the KULTURFABRIK opens its doors and welcomes divers and those interested in diving to the long night of diving to present various aspects of diving on three floors and over 1000m². There are presentations, screenings, information desks, photo exhibitions and last but not least a social programme in all varieties of cabaret.

Does a driving culture exist? If yes – of what does it consist? This is a topic artists from the KULTURFABRIK Moabit, divers and underwater photographers discussed and soon concluded that the visualisation of the underwater world is the main fascination of diving. Let's remember our first diving experience: eg at a reef with colourful corals or the first wreck with its mystic atmosphere where our thoughts could be free.

These poetical pictures moved us and many were motivated to dedicate themselves to the underwater world. By now the equipment for underwater photography is affordable thus the photography has gained a growing number of supporters among the divers.

This is one aspect of the LONG NIGHT OF DIVING: We offer a platform for the visual fascination of the underwater world. The Filmrauschpalast, the KULTURFABRIK's own cinema, enables screenings of motion pictures and/or self produced films.

The scuba diving scene consists of a variety of different interest groups: There are the commercial followers like travel agencies, diving shops, there are also clubs, holiday divers, environmental activists and underwater archaeologists and so on. The Theaterdock in the KULTURFABRIK offers an overview about different activities in the diving community with different information boots as well as socialise with fellow divers. The participants are are asked to contribute a presentation or film to the social programme where they present their activities.

People bored by all the technical talking can dedicate themselves to the cultural programme. The whole evening long live bands, comedy etc are offered.

The long night of diving is an annual event taking place on the first Saturday in November. Also on other occasions it's worth reading the web pages of the KULTURFABRIK Moabit, because there continuously are photo exhibitions or film screenings (eg the summer open air) that deal with the underwater world.


Stefan Fürstenau

project manager

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